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As a photographer I love better Product photos and advertising photos. Companies need better product photography for websites and catalogues:

Product photography as advertising photography is the fine art of the photographer. Only with Product images that stand out positively, companies can still set themselves apart in marketing today. There are countless examples of Advertising photography / Tabletop photographywhich you can view here.

Special product photos

I have been successfully taking product photos with special focus. Contemporary photos in the food sector live from Moods, that play with blurriness. Artists such as Jamie Oliver have photo cookbooks or TV programmes created with particularly inspiring photographs, which is one of the reasons why they are such big sellers.

Examples of product photography

Photo studio for product photography

Advantage: Exclusive photos from a professionalMy product photography often takes place in the photo studio because controlled lighting conditions provide the best conditions there. In my photo studio, I have many options for directing the light and accentuating your products.

In post-production, I can edit your photos professionally on request using calibrated monitors and state-of-the-art software such as Photoshop and our decades of expertise for the best photo results. I can also provide you with product photos with cut-outs.

Long-term cooperation

Advantage: Professional photographer with photo studioA request to companies that outstanding product photography and are interested in product photos Prices interest: I do not take part in tenders. If you would like to book me, there are more personal ways to meet each other and, if necessary, to stay in touch for many years. Successful to work together. You will only get better product photos from me as a photo artist if we know each other personally and support each other.

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    I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer, photo artist and designer. I photograph production reports and company events or image photos of managing directors and employees for companies, but of course also special product photographs with or without clipping. I have been training photography and software such as Photoshop and Lightroom for many years. You can book photo training courses with me individually so that we can build on exactly where you want to expand your expertise. Of course, this can also be a photo training course for product photography or portrait photography if you as a company have this requirement and, for example, have to create product photos for the web shop yourself.

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    I take product photos in Düsseldorf Kaarst Neuss Ratingen Duisburg Oberhausen Essen Mülheim Krefeld Kempen Mönchengladbach Nettetal Viersen NRW. Prices for better product photos are available on request.

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