Photo course nude

Yours more exclusive photo course Act is a Workshop for special Nudes and Desssous photos. Learn nude photography from a professional:

Photo course nude

Photo workshop nude photo for couples

About this workshop as a photo amateur you bring your Partner and make special nudes or Lingerie photos in our professional photo studio. With these special photos you can kill two birds with one stone:

  1. You learn nude photography
  2. You get beautiful nude photos of your partner

What you learn in the nude photography course

In your individual photo training Nude or lingerie photography you will learn the Theory the skilful recording and photograph in our professional Photo studio. Your partner is your model and you photograph your own style. I, Peter Roskothen, will give you valuable ideas and tips for the best photographs.

Exclusive nude photography course

The nude photography course is a Individual courseonly you can learn and we can specifically target your Expanding expertise. It doesn't matter whether you beginner or more advanced Amateur photographer are. It doesn't matter which digital camera you have: You will take home beautiful portraits, lingerie photos and nudes (as desired).

Our professional photo studio offers the ideal lighting environment for your photos. You have peace and quiet and can photograph undisturbed. You can check your images directly on a calibrated monitor and correct them if necessary.

Photo workshop photography course nude photography

Dates photo training nude photography

The Timing of your photo workshop is not fixed. You simply agree it with us. It can be a holiday or a Saturday, just as you like. This is one of the many advantages your individual training.

Beautiful and aesthetic nudes to shoot is quite Easy to learn. With our experience and your ideas, our guidance (only on request) and your own photography, you have every opportunity to take the nude photos you have always wanted to take of your partner.

What's more, the photo course makes a huge Fun and you can discuss the photos with your partner afterwards, order prints together and hang up posters.

Reference photo training nude photography

Reference and feedback photo course nude from photo studentOn 18/07/2015, Hans H. has the Photo training nude photography with me. He brought his partner along for theory and practice and took great portraits and nude photos of her in the photo studio. I showed him the most beautiful poses, how to set the light and which focal lengths and settings are favourable. His comment (see scan above):

My question: "What else would you have liked for this training course?" Hans H.: "Nothing was left to be desired."

My question: "How did you like the training?" Hans H.: "Excellent."

Gift voucher for a nude photography course

The Gift voucher for an exclusive nude photography course  can also be given as a gift. You will receive the gift voucher as a gift card with an envelope. The gift card offers enough space for birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary or other gift wishes.

Gift voucher photo course nude

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