Analogue photography and exposure course

You are looking for a better individual photo course Analogue photography and exposure? Then you, like me, love analogue photography in 35mm or medium format? Here you will find the individual photo course for your analogue camera that builds on your knowledge.

Analogue photography is great fun and slows you down.

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Analogue photography and exposure course

You bring your analogue 35 mm camera or analogue medium format camera and we will talk about everything you want to know in advance. Then we'll go shooting together (you take the photos and I help with practical tips). What you need to know Analogue photography and exposure course (depends on your previous knowledge):

  • Colour film or black and white film - characteristics
  • Which ASA / DIN do I use?
  • Insert film correctly and check
  • Correct focussing
  • Hyperfocal
  • Depth of field / depth of focus
  • Aperture, shutter speed, ASA
  • Exposure compensation
  • Filter technology
  • Correct lens change and settings
  • Remove film
  • Tripod use
  • Flashing
  • In-house film processing or service provider?
  • Scan or have it scanned?
  • Hybrid analogue and digital
  • Light meter - object metering, light metering, spot metering
  • Post production
  • Prints, fine art, hanging
  • Image composition
  • How does the eye see a photo? What is a good photo?
  • Visual direction, framing, cut, depth, light, dynamics, calmness
  • Insurance and equipment
  • Which apps are useful?
  • Scratches, dust, incidence of light, ...
  • ...

Learn analogue photography 35mm medium format

Individual photography course with analogue camera

If you want to learn photography simply and better, then an individual photography course with a personal trainer is the most successful method. Why?

Every photographer has a different camera, different prior knowledge, different topics and interests. I will take your photography to the next level individually, you will ask your questions, be given interesting tasks and practise using the camera, films, filters, light meter, perspectives, image composition and anything else that interests you. Advantages:

  • Your camera
  • Your questions
  • Your expertise
  • Individual course date
  • Learn from a professional in the shortest possible time
  • Your own photo excursion with your personal photo trainer Peter Roskothen

Self-portrait photographer Peter Roskothen

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    Questions and answers about the beginner photo course (FAQ)

    How long does the basic photography course last?

    The basic photography course is free in terms of timing and content. Experience shows that three hours Theory and excursion per date are sufficient. I am also happy to recommend the following for your photography hobby two appointments of three hours each:

    Basic photography course Analogue photography and exposureBasic photo course

    3 hours, theory, photo excursion, assignment for your next project.

    Premium Photography Course Analogue Photography and ExposurePremium photo course

    Appointment 1: 3 hours of theory, photo excursion, assignment for your own project.
    Appointment 2: 3 hours to answer questions after the first appointment, discuss photos constructively, deepen knowledge, second photo excursion.

    Course deLuxe photo course analogue photography and exposurePhoto course deLuxe

    Appointment 1: 3 hours of theory, photo excursion, assignment for your own project.
    Appointment 2: 3 hours to answer questions after the first appointment, discuss photos constructively, deepen knowledge, second photo excursion.
    Appointment 3: 3 hours deepening of knowledge, new questions, image processing, workflow / workflow, topics of your choice, possible third excursion.

    Ideally, you should leave a few weeks between the courses to take photos. On the second and third dates of the basic course, you can bring your Questions that have arisen in the meantime during photography. We deepen Finally, your photographic expertise. Really good learning of photography In this photo course, you will learn all the different types of photography easily, quickly and with lots of fun.

    Where does the basics course take place for me as a beginner?

    My Photo school is in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf. Here you have the Peace and quietto learn in your own course. You can easily reach Grefrath from all over North Rhine-Westphalia, but also from other federal states. Participants from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland now come to me at the photo school. For a premium photo course, it is also worthwhile visiting on a Friday and Saturday with an overnight stay. I recommend hotels and restaurants for your learning success. On request, I have various great locations ready for us to go to (colliery, harbour, park, ...).

    Does the analogue camera play a role?

    No, not at all. No matter which analogue camera (35mm or medium format) you have, I will cater exactly to you and your camera.

    Does age play a role?

    No, age doesn't matter for the individual analogue photography workshop. I teach children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens alike.

    Is an individual course difficult for beginners?

    No, that's quite simple. In your individual analogue workshop, we start where you are with your know-how and then build on it very carefully. I explain photography simply and straightforwardly. Later in the course we put everything into practice (photo excursion).

    What if I am no longer a pure beginner?

    If you are no longer a beginner and already have a little or a lot of photographic know-how, then you have come to the right place, as this is an individual course. So we can start exactly where you want to expand your expertise. I realise this in the first minute or two when we talk about what you already know. So it doesn't matter whether you classify yourself as a beginner, an advanced amateur photographer or somewhere in between.

    What are the prices for such a course?

    This depends on how many hours you would like to book. Please ask for your personalised offer in the form below or give me a call. I look forward to explaining everything to you in detail.

    Can I use the Photography course for beginners give away?

    You can also give the photo course for beginners as a gift. I will explain in detail how this works.

    Beginner analogue photography course in Duisburg, Oberhausen, Essen, Dortmund, Ruhr area, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, Viersen, Nettetal, Kempen, Willich, Niederrhein, Düsseldorf, Neuss, Kaarst, Ratingen, Solingen, Wuppertal and many other places in North Rhine-Westphalia or throughout Germany. When you visit us at the photo school in Grefrath, you will have the peace and quiet to learn. In addition, there are many opportunities for your photo excursion together in the park or nature reserve.

    What makes a good photo trainer for analogue photography?

    A good photography trainer doesn't have to be a famous photographer. Many photographers can't communicate and pass on photography. What is important for you is that I am a good trainer who knows something about it. I have been taking analogue photographs since 1970, have developed black and white and colour in the lab, have been shooting analogue 35mm and analogue medium format (MF since my youth). I know my way around, I never know everything, but I rarely pass (if I do, you'll get an answer later).

    Do you also teach analogue medium format?

    Yes, I also teach analogue photography with the medium format camera. Taking analogue photos with a medium format camera is a great pleasure, also because of the large negatives and the resulting resolution and plasticity in the photo.

    Do you have your own darkroom where I can learn?

    Not at the moment, but I know how to do it. If you have a darkroom, would like to learn and don't live too far away from me, then I can help. But I work hybrid myself. I take analogue photos, then have them developed and scanned. I then edit my photos digitally using image editing software based on the analogue possibilities.

    Can you give me more information about analogue photography?

    You are very welcome, on the website * you will find many articles on analogue photography by me and other authors:

    Interesting facts on *fotowissen >>

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