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The Group photo excursion or the Photo workshop led us in April 2014 to the Railway Museum Bochum. As a trainer, I (Peter Roskothen) had some new photographic tasks for these Photo excursion to the Participants.

Video of the HDR photo workshop from the excursion


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Invitation from the Roskothen Photo School to a photo workshop

It should be briefly explained in advance that all Pupils from our Photo schoolwhich have a photo course have booked with us, always to the Photo workshops invited be realised. On this day in April, students with good prior knowledge and confident camera handling were given new tasks such as HDR photography. In the Museum flashed many Locomotivesthree of which were under fire that day. Here, water met oil and the locomotives came to life. It is amazing when 20 tonnes of iron and steel are set in motion and so many visitors experience deep emotions. After all, these old locomotives seem to have a soul. The steam locomotives and other trains are great motifs for all photo amateurs at the photo workshop.

The sent Photos of three participants are just a small selection of the many photos of all participants (more on Facebook). Sending photos is a voluntary option, but has the option here Criticism to experience. For me, there is no such thing as exclusively negative criticism, but also positive criticism, which must always be constructive. After all, photography is a wonderful hobby and should be fun. When I criticise photos, I do so at the level of a demanding professional photographer. As a result, this means that nobody has to worry, because as a professional photographer I see photos with completely different eyes. Imagine you are cooking for a professional chef and he is allowed to taste and criticise your food. That's also the case here. And I don't think much of criticising the efforts of others. Incidentally, Jeannette was given a special topic on the day of the excursion at her express request: She was to photograph door handles and handles of all kinds. She did a great job (you can see it on Facebook).

The photos from the photo workshop / photo excursion to the Bochum Railway Museum

The photos of Jeannette

Criticism by Peter Roskothen

  1. I like all three photos very much. The photo Engine shed I wouldn't have expected it to look like this. The engine shed looked too drab at first glance. Discovering this perspective and the photographer standing around was a prerequisite for this photo and is your special gift, Jeannette. The view from the door cuffs to the person in the left third of the photo is also great (successful composition). As a professional photographer, it's important to me that there are straight lines in the photo that appeal to the viewer. This has also been realised excellently, as all the vertical lines are straight. The HDR enhances the effect of the photo. The tones of the image are pleasing, the strong sky simply makes the photo much better. An awesome HDR photo with excellent imagery.
  2. The Door handles are beautiful and well seen. I like the dialogue between the two handles and cuffs. The colours of the motif are also beautiful. And the two different keyholes are great. What you never know as a viewer of a photo is under what adverse circumstances a photo is taken. Here it is not clear why the door panel is cut off at the top left. My eye and my head would have liked to see this part of the motif in the picture. The composition in the right-hand third is great. Of course, it is difficult to get this subject completely in focus. If you shoot from a short distance with a telephoto lens, the depth of field is limited. Here, the angle of view from the side is a guarantee for blurring, unless you shoot with a very small aperture from a tripod or in good light from the hand. Overall, I really like this photo, especially as I love the colours, shapes and dialogue.
  3. The Keeper's cottage is awesome. If this wasn't an HDR photo, it wouldn't look so outstanding. Only the strong sky makes the photo so successful. I would certainly rank this photo among the best I have seen of yours, Jeannette. The wide angle and the perspective looking up also make this a super photo. I can't find anything wrong here. I don't think it's superfluous to talk about the power lines: I don't find the power lines distracting, partly because they contrast with the sign opposite. I don't think the photo would be as beautiful without the power lines. It may be the first time that I have found power lines in a photo to be an enrichment.

I am fascinated by the tranquillity in your photos. I would love to see all three of them hanging on a wall in your flat, framed or behind acrylic. I could sit down in front of them with a glass of wine and not get enough of them.

The photos of Ulrich

Criticism by Peter Roskothen

It should be noted that you photograph at a high level, Ulrich. In your case, it is fair to take a close look at the photos and criticise them strongly. I alone can find few faults, but I have to praise them highly. And the HDR photography looks great with these motifs.

  1. I would first like to discuss the photo of the rusted door handles with the padlock underneath: All in all, it's a great motif that you've discovered. The rust, the colours, light and shadow make these two doors of the carriage a real photo motif. What seems wrong to me is to move the door gap from the centre. I think it's a symmetrical motif that actually has a centre. If you crop the photo at the top and left, then it's a perfect photo. Personally, I'm interested in how the photo looks with a good deal of subsequent sharpening. I don't mind it being exaggerated.
  2. The Gear wheels: I like the motif and the design. The view from the oblique perspective is successful. Unfortunately, when I look at it, I immediately miss the lower left part of the left cogwheel. On the other hand, I don't think it's so bad that I discarded the photo for that reason. It's a great photo. The focal point seems to be at the bottom right. Overall, the photo would have benefited from more "meat". What really bothers me as a professional is the slant. The tube or axle at the top should give the photo support and lie straight. This also straightens the slant of the gears. I like the sharpness. It is aptly chosen. And the highlight is the sepia colour. I think the photo only works in sepia or black and white. Well done with the option of correcting the flesh next time.
  3. The rail: The viewer is amazed to realise that it is a single rail. And what an extraordinary bend it has. I like the view from the bottom to the top of the picture. The contrasts are great. The sharpness too. Great photo of colour, structure and lines. Excellently seen and photographed.
  4. The locomotives: The colour photo shoots you in the face. The exaggerated colours can only come from HDR development. This surrealistic look of a photo always indicates an HDR photo. It's not really my thing, because I don't like the exaggerated colour look. But that's a matter of taste and I don't want to criticise it at all. What's great about the photo: the perspective, your waiting time until there were no visitors in the photo, the sharpness and the colours red, blue and green in correspondence. You could correct the slant of the locomotives to the left (straight lines). The photo seems to be tilted to the left, but this could easily be corrected in Lightroom. Overall a good photo, which I would like to see as a photorealistic HDR photo. But as I said, that's a matter of taste and doesn't change the fact that you can also find it great.

The photos of Will

Criticism by Peter Roskothen

I reckon you've found some great subjects and photographed them very well, Will.

  1. The lamp: I like the contrast between light and dark. The idea of placing the lamp in the right third is also successful. It's nice that the lights are not burnt out, but offer great gradients. A beautiful photo. As a black and white fan, I would really like to see this converted.
  2. Spokes: Anyone would probably have placed the focal plane on the front spokes. Perhaps simply because the autofocus likes it that way. But moving the focal plane to the centre, behind the first spokes, was a great idea. The colours and the unrest in the photo due to the different curves and slopes are very nice.
  3. Door handle: When the focus draws the eye to the object, it is always a successful view. Here, the colours and the textured rust add to this. The fact that the door handle and the lock are sharp is the highlight.
  4. The valveOnce again a great motif with excellent photographic realisation. The fine structures and greenery create a contrast between technology and nature. Here both are united in the photo. The spider's web comes just in time. It also overgrows the technology. The vertical line calms the mind. Everything done right. Great photo.

Conclusion photo workshop

I have the impression that you really enjoy HDR photography and that you use it to take photos that would otherwise look pale. I think the photos are so successful that I think the photo workshop was extremely successful. What I really enjoyed about the day in Bochum was how much fun all the participants had. All the participants photographed intensively, developed a great attention for motifs and took excellent photos. And as you can see, you are all making great progress in photography. Both of these things together fulfil me with great joy.

Photo training

Photo school Roskothen, photo courses, photo training, learning photography, digital cameraIf you would like to book a photo training course with an individual excursion with us, please take a look here. For beginner photographers and photo amateurs will find plenty to discover in the photo training section. Customers of Peter Roskothen Photographic art & Design and our photo school are automatically invited to the workshops and excursions.

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Link to the Bochum Railway Museum

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© Peter Roskothen is a professional photographer and trainer at the Roskothen Photo School - Photo Workshop Photo Excursion Railway Museum Bochum HDR


  1. gerd

    Hello Peter,
    As always, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your excellent support on the day. For your professional help, instructions and advice. I learnt a lot again and also learnt how to deal with HDR photography for the first time. Thank you again for this wonderful and instructive day, which I was able to spend with you and many friends. I'm already looking forward to the next photo excursion with you.
    Kind regards Gerd

  2. Ulrich

    I can only thank you for your review (and of course the day itself).
    You can't expect more. A super competent and friendly trainer, a really nice group, an interesting subject. What more could you want?
    Your criticism above just rounds off the whole thing. It's fun to be out and about with you and it always helps me to make progress in my hobby.
    If you really want to learn something about photography in good company, you're in very good hands.
    Thank you very much !

  3. Will

    It was a very nice day... very likeable people, an extremely motivated trainer and many, many great motifs... so you can't improve on that... or maybe you can, on the next excursion...:)
    Thanks for a great day, Will

  4. Jeannette Chmill

    Dear Peter,
    When I think that I didn't really feel like photographing railways (men's stuff!), I'm glad that you gave me the special task of capturing handles and latches in a photo! The yield was immeasurable and I was almost overwhelmed by the variety. I had a lot of fun discovering new things and was amazed at what I could do with the HDR photos on my PC at home. Thank you for the inspiration, the many tips on HDR photography, your praise for my photos (I'm also very proud of the keeper's cottage) and also for the constructive criticism, which always helps me to move forward from many joint excursions! The icing on the cake of these excursions for me are the other participants! It's so much fun to be out and about with the group and to see their shots later, which perspective, which sections were chosen. We learn a lot from you and you also give each other tips and help. Great! I'm looking forward to the next time! Best regards, Jeannette

    • Dear Jeannette, Will, Ulrich and Gerd,

      Readers would certainly like to know which software you used on which computer (PC or MAC) for HDR processing.

      Jeannette, the group photo workshops and excursions are of course wonderful because there are such nice photo beginners and photo amateurs taking part. It's wonderful to see the progress you all make and how you enrich each other. Thank you all!

      • Ulrich

        My pictures are always taken in RAW format. The conversion to JPEG format is done in Lightroom. The HDR software I used was HDR Efex Pro from the NIK Collection.

  5. Britta

    Hello Peter,

    It's a shame that I redeemed a voucher with another provider that day. Their course was quite nice, but only very nice! When I see the pictures and the film now, I'm a little jealous that I wasn't able to take part in this course. Even though I would probably have belonged to the Griffe group :-)
    The example of the other course in particular showed me: Not everyone can impart knowledge AND not everyone manages to get wildly enthusiastic people to meet and part as friends at the end of the afternoon! Not just united by their shared hobby, but simply because the mix of people is right! I ask myself after every excursion: How do you do it? :-)
    Next time I will do everything I can to take part in the excursion again!
    In any case, I'm already looking forward to it :-)
    Kind regards

    • Dear Britta, you've answered many of my questions at the same time. Firstly, of course, it's great that you've had a taste of another workshop.
      Your compliments on our trips are very kind. I also think that we bring together particularly nice people who get on extremely well. And I therefore enjoy every minute of our workshops together and constantly try to capture all the great moments. What could be better than photography or video?

      Thank you very much for your kind comment, which means a lot to me.

      Sincerely, Peter

  6. Will

    I simply tried out the HDR function of the 70D and took all the photos with it. The post-processing was then done in Lightroom.

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