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Architectural photos and interior design photos of buildings / Real estate are ideally suited for Exposés and the documentation of the architectural design. Peter Roskothen is an architectural photographer for particularly valuable images of your property. Here are the details:

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Photographer professional architectural photos NRW

Companies and sellers of buildings want Architectural photos of buildings and interiors for their websites. Architectural photography requires a high degree of knowledge and skill in professional execution, but also a high degree of Creativity and very high-quality photographic equipment to achieve good results. However, successful architectural photography also depends above all on the eye, image composition and digital post-processing.

Architectural images for landlords and estate agents

Advantage: Professional photographer with photo studioWinner high quality architectural photos of residential properties, houses, penthouses and other real estate, are the owners or sellers who make the effort to have really good photos taken.

Architectural images for companies

Many companies use architectural photos for their own websites, brochures or annual reports.


Classic and modern architectural photography

We not only photograph for you classic viewsbut also like modern or artistic architectural representation. Falling lines can also be a very interesting stylistic device in artistic building photography, but are of course only used on request.

Architectural images inside and out

We photograph Exterior shots of your property and also Interiors / Interior design with the best photographic equipment, excellent optics and a lot of experience. Our Panoramic photos can also capture larger objects in 360-degree views and make them virtually accessible.

Building photography of a luxury property in Berlincommissioned by the owner, also to document the progress of the renovation work:

Interior shots:

Interested in professional architectural photography?

Peter Roskothen Architectural photographer Architectural photos NRWThe architectural photo prices are only available on individual request. I do not take part in tenders. My work is exclusive and valuable, because this is exactly the kind of photos my clients need to broker or document their properties.
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    I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional architectural photographer for architectural photography in NRW and Europe. I regularly take architectural photos for companies, but also portraits/image photos of managing directors and employees, company anniversaries and other occasions. I have been training photography and image processing for companies for many years.

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