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I design and optimise better web design Krefeld. What is what is special about these websites and why are they so easy to find?

Better web design Krefeld

If you think about a new website there are various important considerations and requirements. Which is always important for any web design:

  • Fast website
  • Good menu navigation
  • Clever content
  • Excellent photos and images
  • Best findability on Google
  • Readability on PC, tablet and smartphone

The new website should therefore fulfil all these criteria, Modern and serious and bring you lots of customers? Nothing could be easier, provided you receive honest, correct and needs-orientated advice and the price of the new website is right.

Web design must be modern and successful

This is exactly where I come in and start by talking to you about your requirements. Not all web design is the same and there are many factors to consider when designing a new website. I could list a number of foreign words, but how would that help you? SEO, HTML, CSS, content management system, responsive web design and countless more. My opinion: You don't have to be interested in this in detail, you should just talk to me about it. the most beautiful, modern and easy to find homepage for your company.

Of course, it is important in which Industry They work. I could show you countless successful websites that I have created for clients and I realise time and again in conversations that everyone's taste is different. Besides, no-one who sees a photo of a fish dish can do anything with it if they themselves fancy meat. So please don't use other websites as a reference, just my experience and expertise. I can still show you plenty of websites as references.

Search engines, findability, customer acquisition Web design Krefeld

Many customers start the new website with the words: I need a new website. The fact that the website should attract new customers usually plays a major role here. People search and find websites on the Internet. It is important to be found at the top of the results pages. Nobody, absolutely nobody can guarantee this. Anyone who promises you to be in the top 10 search results will lie to you or only search for your company name and it goes without saying that you will be in first place.

What is your customer looking for on the Internet?

But what is your customer looking for? Your potential customer is looking for your Product or your service and you want to be at the top of these search results. In this case, it is simply excellent to find a web designer or a web design agency that is honest with you, programmes the best pages for you and even knows how to get to the top.

Please ask yourself: What were you looking for when you found this page? Was it a coincidence that you found this website? Really? No, it's not a coincidence, but rather particularly valuable knowledge that I make available to my customers. This knowledge is unique, by the way!

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    Responsive web design Peter Roskothen

    The readability of your new website on PC, tablet and smartphone is more important than ever.

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