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This individual Capture One photo course the Photo school Peter Roskothen takes you quickly to your image editing destination. Capture One 12 or Capture One 20 (short: C1) is an image editing software and a valuable alternative to Lightroom. Many photo amateurs and professionals work with this software, no matter what brand of camera you have: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, Leica or other .... Capture One is not self-explanatory and can be used quickly with an introduction. The personalised Capture One photo course online or as a classroom course:

(Can also be booked as a Capture One Pro distance learning course)

Photo course Capture One image editing

Customised Capture One Photo editing course the Roskothen School of Photography

Learn Capture One quickly (also possible via distance learning)

Edit your own photos better with Capture One

Individual photo course Capture One Pro

In this personalised photo course you will learn C1 image editing and image management. C1 is not self-explanatory software. You will find it much easier to get to grips with the programme if you receive this intensive Capture One course. C1 users will learn tips and tricks about the software that you have always wanted to know.

The software is used by many photographers for landscape photography, portrait photography, holiday photography and travel photography, Sports photography and many other photo genres. The program is very comprehensive and, compared to Lightroom, offers many options for colour changes, layer techniques, masking and sharpening options.

In this photo course you will learn quickly and intensively how to edit images with C1.

Photographers can edit colours particularly well in Capture One Pro - Individual Capture One photo course online or face-to-face

Capture One photo editing course - Whether Capture One Pro 12 or Capture One Pro 20

Capture One Pro photo training for beginners and advanced users

Whether you are switching from Adobe Lightroom or have purchased this software as an introduction to image processing, I will teach you exactly what you want to learn. The advantages of an individual course are manifold. Firstly, we can build on your expertise together. You ask all your questions and get answers. We can focus precisely on your photography and image processing.

The Capture One course is suitable for beginners and advanced users, as it builds on existing know-how (individual course).

Learning Capture One in the course

Raster tool in C1Like many things in life, the best way to learn C1 is not from books or videos, but through a personalised photography course. You probably know this from manuals or textbooks: You can look up a lot of things here, but you won't get the workflow with the software or tips from real life. The best way to do this is with an introduction from a professional who has a lot of experience with this software and can teach you well.

You can take this course with a maximum of two people if both participants have the same level of expertise.

At the Roskothen Photo School, you can learn in peace and quiet over a cup of espresso, cappuccino, a glass of tea or mineral water. Here you can learn how to use C1 image processing quickly and intensively. I will give you the workflow with the software, customised precisely to your requirements.

You will quickly and intensively learn the workflow/work process with C1.

Photo course Capture One image editing

Image developed with C1 Pro image processing

Details of individual Capture One photo course

  1. Customised Capture One course

    Individual Capture One photo course with calibrated professional monitor.

    Where does the photo course for Capture One take place?
    You learn in the Roskothen School of Photography in Grefrath, but can also be organised at home in the Capture One distance learning / online course* learn. At the photo school we have a large notebook and a calibrated monitor for precise work with image processing C1.
    *Distance learning - you install free software and I can help you on your computer from my office. I can watch you on your computer and even guide and help you with your mouse if you wish. A huge advantage of the Capture One photo course online is the possibility of recording.

  2. Who is the trainer?
    Me, Peter RoskothenI am a professional photographer and photo trainer for special photo courses. I work as a professional in photography and know the image processing requirements of photo amateurs and photographers. I organise the photo courses for C1 in a didactically appropriate way for you.
  3. How many participants does the Capture One photo course have?
    You learn in this C1 photography course individually or with a maximum of two people if you bring a friend, partner or relative with you. This guarantees a high level of learning success with fast and intensive learning.
  4. How long does the photography course last?
    I usually give photo courses lasting 3 hours. After 3 hours you will have reached your shooting limit and you will need time to practise with your photographs. You may want to take another photo course afterwards to clarify new questions and requirements. This is possible at any time and does not have to take 3 hours.
  5. How much does the photography course cost?
    The price of the training depends on whether you come to me alone or in pairs, or whether you want me to come to you. Please ask below in the form for the Price for the C1 photography course.


Contact and prices for photo training C1

Professional photographer and photo trainer Peter Roskothen - Capture One course

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    1. I was always dissatisfied with the quality of the processed images from my Fuji files in Lightroom, and I had no desire to become dependent on Adobe with a CC subscription. But switching to Capture One seemed very time-consuming to me (a computer grouch). I realised that I wouldn't be able to cope with a manual on my own. And I didn't want to get involved in a one-day course with a group of PC freaks.

      Then I discovered the individual photo courses with Peter Roskothen on the Internet and found an appointment with him very easily. I soon travelled to Grefrath with my PC and camera, full of excitement. And that was a blessing!
      In his calm and friendly manner, Peter Roskothen was able to listen to me very well, recognise where the "rabbit in the pepper" was, show me solutions and explain how I could implement them. In my case, it was primarily about reclaiming storage space and a clear folder structure, i.e. basic operations on the computer, without which even the most beautiful image editing with the best programme would have been of no use to me. He is also extremely competent in this area! At a second appointment, we were then able to tackle the use of Capture One again without any stress.

      I can highly recommend Peter Roskothen's individual and intensive courses! He manages to respond wonderfully to your own questions and to work on the specific topics you bring with you - which I don't think any manual or group course could ever achieve in this way. And that's why these lessons with him are worth every euro!

      Burkhard Mummenhoff

    2. Tripp Ulrike

      Thank you, Mr Roskothen, you have been a great help to me. Kind regards Ulrike Tripp

    3. Alfred Scholze

      There is simply no substitute for talking to Peter Roskothen, whether on the phone or by video conference, when it comes to questions and problem-solving on the subject of photography. Better than any manual.
      He has always helped me with his calm, pleasant and friendly manner.
      The constant availability is also remarkable.
      I can highly recommend his courses.

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