iPhone photo course

The individual iPhone photo course: The best photos are taken with the camera you have with you. So that you can get everything out of your Apple Smartphone can get out of it, I give this exclusive photo course:

Individual iPhone photo course also online.

The individual iPhone photo course - iPhone photo course - learn to take photos with your Apple phone

The individual iPhone photo course

Individual photo course advantage!You often take the best photos with your iPhone. The Smartphone is easy and you always have it with you. To help you get the best out of your Apple smartphone and expose the most beautiful photos, I offer this personalised photography course, which includes You can participate alone and learn intensively. It is a Individual course with your Apple "camera".

What you can learn in the iPhone photo training course

I'll show you how to take wonderful photos with your mobile phone. We'll talk about handling, technique, art, creativity and possible tools for taking photos. I will explain how to create better images and how you can print great quality prints from your photos. Possible contents of the photo course:

  • The camera technology
  • Photos - reproduction and editing
  • Which apps are useful
  • Use iPhone with tripod
  • Photo accessories for the smartphone
  • Exciting effects
  • New perspectives
  • Image composition for better photographs / Photographic art
  • Transfer and print photos
  • Easily edit and retrieve images (also Lightroom and Co.)

Photo excursion or online

No theory without practice. We either go together to your iPhone photo excursion or you will be given a voluntary task, which we will discuss online next time:

I am ready to show you new motifs, perspectives, points of view, image composition and ideas. As a professional photographer, I have the experience and know which motifs are worth discovering. You will be amazed at which photo motifs can be interesting!

We split the course into two parts. After the first part, you will be given several voluntary tasks for which you will be given sufficient time. During the second online session, we will take a constructive look at your photos. You can learn a lot about image composition and, if you wish, also about image editing.

Online iPhone photo course

Yes, you can also get the iPhone photo course online*. Then we save CO2 for the journey and valuable time that you would otherwise spend sitting in the car. Online has even more advantages, because you can sit at your computer, pour yourself a drink of your choice and you can record the photo course. This means you can always watch the course again on video and clarify any questions.

*The course is very easy to do online using free software. All you need is an internet connection, a webcam with a microphone and off you go. 

If you live further away from Grefrath near Düsseldorf, have come to me from abroad and want to save valuable travelling time, then the online iPhone photo course has many advantages:

  • No mask.
  • No travelling time or travel costs.
  • Valuable environmental protection.
  • You are sitting at your computer with your photos.
  • You can record the course and watch it again and again (but never pass it on, not even to relatives or friends). This has the enormous advantage that you can watch everything more often in order to process it. It has worked wonderfully!

Who is the smartphone photography course suitable for?

The smartphone photography course is suitable for anyone who enjoys taking photos or who needs to take pictures with their iPhone. You can take the course privately or book it for business. If you enjoy taking photos in your private life, then the Apple smartphone is a really great solution for excellent photos and videos. For business photography Product photos or architectural photos / Property photos? Then go ahead: simply enquire and have fun photographing and learning.

Advanced iPhone photographer

Are you advanced amateur photographer and upload your pictures to Facebook, Instagram and other social media? Then, at your request, we can also focus on the Image composition and the Photographic art. We take a constructive look at your iPhone pictures together and find the best Compositions, Visual guidance and Image statements. I will explain to you what helps and what makes a good picture in order to constructively improve your hobby of photography.


Photo course advantage Free choice of datesThe individual iPhone photo course date is selectable. One of the many advantages: There are no fixed dates, but you can take the course at a time that you agree with me. Advantages at a glance:

  • Individual appointment
  • Intensive course saves time
  • Exactly your iPhone
  • Expand your own knowledge
  • You ask all the questions and get answers
  • Quickly achieve better images
  • Gift idea Gift voucher for Christmas / birthday / simply out of love

Reference to the Apple Smartphone course

Katja wrote on 27.03.2021 at 14:59:

Dear Peter, your photo course offer (online individual IPhone photography lessons) was a hit for me! I was picked up exactly where I was, learnt what I was looking for - and it was easy and competent, fun, inspiring and motivating. An all-round sense of achievement and a lot of fun! - Thank you!

Who is the trainer for the iPhone photo courses?

I, Peter Roskothen, am a passionate iPhone photographer. As I also do a lot of photography professionally, I have many creative ideas and valuable expertise for your photo training. Again and again I say:

The best camera is the one you have with you.

Gift idea gift voucherAs my smartphone is always with me, I sometimes have nothing else available and I know that I can use it to take photos of almost anything. From a product shot for eBay or a web shop, to property photos for an exposé, to wonderful artistic motifs. By the way, the photo training is also a great Gift idea!

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    1. Imke Theis

      Dear Mr Roskothen,
      You have rekindled a fire that was thought to have been extinguished long ago!
      I came across your website online and found what I had been looking for for a long time: a competent photographer with all the iPhone photography skills I needed. My lumbago made me brave enough to take part in the online training and it was worth it. You did a great job explaining everything to me and no question was left unanswered.
      The training consisted of two halves and in between there was time for the "homework". In the second part, we discussed my photos and I learnt a lot about design and the possibilities of what I can do with my iPhone as a camera. Now it's time to practise, practise, practise and it's really fun! Thank you very much!

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