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The Customised online photo training via the Internet is perfect for all photographers who want to expand their knowledge or are just starting out in photography. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. The Online photo course the time-saving alternative to attendance photo course. Personalised online photo training via the Internet brings a lot more advantages for your photography:

You save a lot of time with the personalised online course.

Customised online photo training via the Internet with Zoom - Learn photography amazingly easily

Online training in image design, online training in image processing (Adobe Lightroom, Capture OneLuminar), Photography - Customised online training Photo training via the Internet.

Customised online photo training via the Internet

First of all, you may be interested in the question: How does personalised online photo training via the Internet work? It's quite simple. Use the form below to make an enquiry or give me a call to arrange an appointment. Now there are two options:

  1. Camera training online - We use video conferencing software. I can explain the technique and art of photography to you online with your camera.
  2. Image design / image processing - Before the appointment, you download a small and free remote maintenance software on your Windows computer or Mac. While we are on the phone, I can watch and even help you on your computer thanks to the remote maintenance software. You will learn image composition and/or image editing (Adobe Lightroom, Capture One or Luminar).

The individual Online photo training offers you the following advantages:

  • Free choice of dates.
  • Exactly your questions and your answers.
  • Customised photo training.
  • Exactly your camera, your expertise, your desired topics.
  • Intensive and time-saving training.
  • No travelling time, you work in peace and quiet at home with your type of coffee/tea :-).
  • many other advantages... such as the individual training time...
  • The basics of photography or further expertise for advanced users. We simply expand your know-how.

Exclusive online photo training camera / smartphone

If you own a new camera or smartphone, then you probably want to get to know the camera technology. We can discuss your camera in detail and programme it for your specific requirements in the individual online photo training course. You will learn everything you need for creative photography.

Online photo training in image composition

In the Online training in image design learn the important artistic part. How does a person look at a photo? How can you as a photographer take the viewer by the hand in your picture? What makes a good photo? What is the best composition for my photo? What is the effect of formats such as landscape format, portrait format, square photo format, panorama format? Why is it sometimes better to take black and white photos and then colour photos?

In the online photo composition course, we take a constructive look at your photos and you learn about photo composition and what makes a good photo. The information is varied and will help you to take better photos that your friends and family will love. It doesn't matter which camera or smartphone you use to take your photos.

Online photo training image processing

Image editing with programmes such as Adobe Lightroom, DxO PhotoLab, Capture One or Luminar is particularly helpful when it comes to the basics. The online image editing training course eliminates the familiarisation period in particular. You will also save a lot of time in the future, because I will show you the Optimised workflow (english Workflow), which allows them to concentrate on photography.


Online photography course

Online photo training is an excellent idea, and not just since the quarantine regulations. You save travelling time, travel costs, CO2 and can learn from a professional photographer even from the most remote locations. I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and photography trainer. I have specialised in individual photography courses for you, as they achieve the highest learning success. From the very beginning of my training courses, I know that group photo courses often fail and cannot provide the help you were hoping for. This is not only the case with photography courses, but also with online training. Photo training in image composition or image processing. For this reason, many participants come to the photo training course on recommendation learning of photography with me and write reviews like this one:

Maike L.

Dear Mr Roskothen!

Here in the house you are "Peter", then everyone knows! I really must complain! Michael used to take a lot of photos, and I was also to be seen from time to time. Since his course with you, he has photographed EVERYTHING. We were at Lake Garda for a few days and it was really BAD. He was constantly stuck to walls, walls, ruins or waiting for the next ray of sunshine or for the tourists to finally leave the path so that he could capture the symmetry of the stones in the picture. However, there is one advantage to this photomania: I only briefly point out which shop I'm going to while he stands somewhere and takes pictures. This saves me having to deal with the male grumbling while I'm shopping and he can take his picture in peace. "Peter said ... (there are lots of examples here)" has also become a common saying in our house! I'm afraid he'll be coming back to your course next year at the latest to "talk shop". No, quite honestly: it must have been simply amazingly good, nice and great with you. The only question is how we will survive the summer holiday!!!!!!! Once again, my sincere respect for your work!

Kind regards

Maike L.

The online course via the Internet is just as much fun as the 1+1 face-to-face photo course. As you are the only participant, you can ask all your questions and get answers. This systematically expands your expertise and you learn lots of tips and tricks.

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    Questions and answers about online photo training

    You can take advantage of online photography training anywhere in the world. I speak fluent German and English. The course is booked from India, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Italy and other countries mainly by German-speaking photographers.
    The date of the online photography course can be arranged individually.
    Of course, I can see your camera and you can see mine. I can also show you the live image from my camera again and again if required and can even explain and set the menu to you in detail.

    © Peter Roskothen - Professional photographer, photo trainer, photojournalist - Customised online photo training via the Internet / distance learning course


    1. Anja Melsheimer

      The two-hour online course on Lightroom was a hit for me and my third course with Mr Roskothen.
      Up to now, Lightroom has been sitting unused on my computer because I couldn't understand the logic of the programme. I always wanted to familiarise myself with it because many people had recommended that I switch to Lightroom, but it always remained a wish and a few tentative attempts.
      Mr Roskothen's course changed all that. Mr Roskothen gained an insight into my chaotic folder system via AnyDesk, but that didn't put him off. Within less than two hours, he explained to me in a very clear and vivid way how Lightroom is structured, what advantages it offers over other programmes and worked with me to create a structure that was adapted to my individual requirements. There was even time for a few questions about editing images.
      What I particularly appreciate about Mr Roskothen is that he takes the time to put himself in my shoes. By doing this and by asking precise questions, he was able to offer me very goal-orientated solutions. This makes him a perfect trainer for me, because he helps me to progress on my personal photographic path. Thanks to him, I was able to find my individual workflow step by step and optimise it more and more. That's why I'm already looking forward to the next course, because photography also means setting out on a path that leads to forks in the road and Mr Roskothen is the perfect companion to help you decide whether you should continue in one direction or another.

    2. Andrea Noll

      The pandemic makes it possible.... What a sad template for such a great cause:
      the "Online photo training with Peter Roskothen".

      Briefly about me and how I came to online photo training:

      As an absolute beginner in photography, I wanted to make the most of the bleak time during the pandemic and was highly motivated to sign up for a distance learning course in photography. And was quickly thrown back down to earth, my euphoria was at rock bottom.

      Basically a great thing such a distance learning programme, a lot of text, very, very much text, BUT.....
      who answers all my questions (and there are a hell of a lot of them :), who gives me immediate feedback and who solves the problem I have "now" with me?

      The answer: Peter. During our "online photo training!

      And of course I "had" to get a new camera. My new Fujifilm X100V is beautiful. Even better if I could now use it properly. And again the call for help :)

      The answer here too: Peter and his "online photo training". Simply great.

      At first I didn't dare. Alone in front of the notebook, facing a stranger.
      And then there's the picture of yourself via the webcam. Then there's all the technology. Phew.... A matter of course for young people (my student daughter has Zoom meetings almost every day), but a challenge for me.
      I would have much preferred a "personal" training session in a small group. Let the "others" ask questions. Preferably sitting right at the back, etc. :).

      Well, unfortunately that's not possible at the moment. But I needed help and I'm so glad that I found Peter and his photo tutorials on the internet via Zoom.

      He is a great, very likeable (yes, likeability also plays an important role) photo trainer with terrific expertise and a lot of experience in photography. No question goes unanswered and is often concluded with a counter-question from him (testing whether I have really understood).

      We have now met several times via "Zoom" and I have already learnt a lot in these training sessions. I wouldn't want to miss them. And, of course, I will continue regularly and look forward to every virtual meeting.
      I have arrived in the 21st century.

      Dear Peter, thank you very much once again for this offer of online photo training via Zoom.
      Despite all the virtual possibilities/meetings, I'm also really looking forward to a personal photo session.

      Think positive.

      Best regards
      Andrea Noll

    3. Tanja

      I really enjoyed it a lot. And online was no problem at all - I'm glad to have overcome my initial reluctance and to be able to start straight away!

      As a complete beginner, I really had no idea about anything. I didn't have a clue about depth of field, aperture settings and ISO values.

      You explained it really well and in such a practical way that you not only didn't get lost among the initially confusing technical terms, but also got a good impression of the technology.

    4. Andreas Lankes

      Dear photography enthusiasts,
      Last year I had the pleasure of being inspired and coached by Peter Roskothen for 5 hours on various topics. Peter taught me the finer points of Lightroom and the basics of Capture One, as well as some special features of the settings on Fuji cameras. Due to the pandemic, these were online courses. A wonderful experience. I can recommend Peter Roskothen's coaching without reservation. I wish you all good light and continued enjoyment with photography.
      Greetings, Andreas Lankes

    5. Dear photo enthusiasts,

      After travelling to Peter Roskothen in person once, I decided to have an online meeting this time.

      Once again, it was great fun and Peter opened my eyes several times.

      I asked and no question went unanswered, although I have to say I didn't necessarily take a structured approach to my questions....

      Everything was answered patiently and in a very friendly manner.
      This makes learning fun and best of all, I was able to record the whole session and watch it again step by step.

      I'm already looking forward to the next time.

      Many thanks and best regards

      Beate Meyer

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