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The Photography training are for all beginner photographers and ambitious Amateur photographers who would like to be even better learn digital photography would like. Photo training of the Roskothen School of Photography are individual for the best results and are accompanied by a photo excursion:

These photography training courses build precisely on your expertise.

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Customised photography training

Photography training, photography course photography trainingWhat is taught in your photography courses?

I teach individually, which means you have your own private photo trainer who is only available to you. This is a huge advantage for photo beginners and advanced amateurs because you get the knowledge from a professional photographer. Our training builds on your knowledge at your leisure.

We discuss your interests in advance, e.g:

  • Individual photo course advantage!Digital photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Nature photography
  • Macro photography
  • Architectural photography
  • black and white photography
  • HDR photography
  • Holiday photography
  • ...

and see what prior knowledge you have. This is how we design your photo course individually. We explain the theory, camera operation, camera programming, perspectives, motifs and approaches. You will be able to consolidate what you have learnt and I will give you valuable tips for motifs, viewing directions, perspectives and image composition.

Presence Training Photography

In the classroom course, we go on a photo excursion together. You will receive tips and tricks on camera handling, changing lenses, safety, perspectives and much more. I will show you which motifs you can discover and can be helpful when taking portraits, landscape photos, macro photos or other exposures.

Online training photography

An online course via Zoom can also have its advantages. If you live further away, you save on pollutants and travelling time. You sit at your computer with your coffee/tea and we can discuss your photos constructively in comfort. The course can be split into two parts, for example, in which we first clarify the basics or your questions. You will then be given a voluntary task for which you will be given a set time. In the second part, we will discuss your photos constructively. You will learn a lot about image composition and, if you wish, about creative image processing. One of the advantages of online photography training is the video, which you record (but are not allowed to pass on to relatives, friends or others). With the help of the video, many things become even clearer than in the classroom course and you can deepen your expertise.

Why are our photography training courses better?

Photo school Roskothen, photo courses, photo training, learning photography, digital cameraFrom our experience, we know that group training sessions cannot always cater for everyone. Often one or two participants are the ones who completely hog the photo trainer and the rest of the participants are left empty-handed. Different levels of prior knowledge are also a problem: some are underchallenged because they already knew a lot before the photography course, others are hopelessly overchallenged because they don't get the basics.

That's completely different with me. I am there exclusively for you. Your exclusive photo training course will be tailored to your needs. Your questions about photography will be answered. You will receive a personalised photo excursion and learn how to apply the theory so that it becomes second nature.

Advantage free time management - Photo training RoskothenThe time advantage:

Training at a time of your choice

Advantage: Learning success, learn photography quicklyAdvantage learning success:

In a very short time learn to take better photos

Advantage: individual photo excursion with you onlyAdvantage excursion:

You go on a photo excursion exclusively and alone with the photographer

Advantage of customised photo trainingAdvantage of individual training:

You get exactly the knowledge you need

What do you learn in terms of content?

We can discuss all camera functions and talk about the time, aperture and exposure functions of your camera. We train the depth of field and talk about the applications. Despite all the technology, the composition of a photo is also important. What is important, what options are there? Further content of the photography courses can be

  • underexposure and overexposure - targeted exposure compensation
  • ISO - Using the sensitivity correctly
  • Flash - when and how - Portrait flash
  • Focussing - the automatic systems and when they fail. Various options
  • The right white balance / colour temperature - no more wrong colours
  • RAW vs. JPG - which format do I need?
  • HDR photography - making the camera even better
  • Photography in the photo studio - Special photos in a professional studio
  • Image editing - editing software, workflow, corrections, archiving, file formats, security

Who teaches photography in the course?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer, journalist and your personal photography trainer. I have many valuable ideas and professional tips from everyday life for you. Digital learning of photography is fun too, by the way!

Where does the photography course take place?

The photography courses usually take place at our premises in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf. However, the photography course can also take place at your home (please specify when enquiring). Here with us there are great possibilities for the excursion, but also our own photo studio if you are interested. You also have peace and quiet here and can concentrate fully on your photography.

For online photography training, you can also be on the other side of the world, we meet in a personal video conference via Zoom.

Can I give the training as a gift?

Yes, it's easy with our photo course gift voucher. You'll be happy to receive it! There are several motifs to choose from and you can also write your congratulations on the card.

Gift voucher for a nature photography course
Gift voucher photo course motif technique

Photo course free content*, nature theme
Photo course free content*, subject technique

Gift voucher photo course nature photography macro photography photo school Roskothen
Gift voucher photo course portrait

Nature photography & macro photography course*
Portrait photography course*

*Contents are agreed with the recipient. Contents can be freely chosen by the recipient at any time.

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