Capture One online course / distance learning course

In this individual Capture One Online course / distance learning course Learn how to use the Capture One 20 or Capture One 12 image editing software. If you love photography and want to get the best possible results, then Capture One will turn a good image into a great image. In this distance learning course, you can learn quickly and easily from home:

Photo course Capture One image editing

Customised Capture One online course / distance learning course for image editing and image management of the Roskothen School of Photography

Save travelling time and protect the environment with the individual Capture One online course / distance learning course.

You can decide for yourself when you want to learn from a professional.

The personalised Capture One distance learning course provides you with answers to your questions.

Online course Capture One Pro image editing and image management

You can complete this personalised Capture One online training course from the comfort of your own home over a cup of coffee or tea. I, your trainer Peter Roskothen, sit in my office and help you by telephone and via the Internet at your own workstation. You download free software before the course and start this software. With the help of the software, our two computers connect and I can watch your work and your learning process, i.e. I can observe your computer. I can even move the mouse on your computer if necessary to help you. At the same time, we talk on the phone and I give you the tips and tricks you need to learn Capture One (C1) or expand your expertise.

The online course is very simple!

Learn Capture One Online

Capture One Pro (C1Pro) image editing software is not self-explanatory. You can use this software as an excellent alternative to Adobe Lightroom use. C1Pro even has some advantages over Lightroom and processes your images with the very highest quality.

In this Capture One training course, you will learn how to view and edit your images in the software. I will also teach you the tricks you need to print your image as a poster or publish it on the Internet.

You can edit colours particularly well in Capture One Pro

photo course Capture One online course image editing and image management

Image processing workflow

The simple workflow of image editing is always in great demand and saves us photographers a lot of time. What you learn here will help you to concentrate on the essentials:

Basics C1Pro

  • Catalogues and meetings
  • Import
  • Rename the images
  • Sort, rate and sort out images
  • Image processing
  • Export of the finished images

Details C1Pro

  • Image composition, image design
  • How to read a histogram
  • White balance
  • Automatic corrections
  • Before and after view
  • Data backup
  • Variants of photos
  • Presets / Styles
  • ICC Profile
  • Sharpness settings
  • Image corrections
  • Layers and masks
  • Create black and white images
  • Tethering
  • ...

Dates and price Capture One online course / distance learning course

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    Customised Capture One online course / distance learning course

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