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The individual Fuji GFX course 50S GFX 50S II GFX 50R GFX 100 GFX 100S is designed for your medium format. If you own one of these medium format cameras or are planning to buy one, this GFX photo course learn to photograph better with the large sensor. We also programme your camera together to suit your needs:

Photo training Fujifilm GFX 50S Photo course GFX50R GFX 100

Individual Fujifilm GFX Photo Course 50S / GFX 50S II / GFX 50R / GFX 100 / GFX 100S

Whether you are a beginner in photography or an advanced amateur photographer, the Fujifilm GFX 50S / 50R /100 has its special features and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The challenge is to utilise the best Fujifilm lenses and the medium format camera to the full. Unfortunately, you learn very little in a group course and don't have your own Personal photo trainer for yourself. The advantages of this customised photo course for the medium format camera are

  • Intensive photo training to achieve your goal in the shortest possible time
  • Own date of your choice
  • Questions and answers just for you
  • Own professional photographer as trainer for learning the special features
  • Own photo excursion
  • Training tailored to your wishes and knowledge
  • Precisely matched to your camera (well known, as it is in continuous use)
individual Fujifilm photo course GFX 50R / 50S / 100

Individual photo course GFX course 50R / 50S / 50S II/ 100 / 100S

Medium format photo training - Alone or in pairs

Do you own or are you planning to buy a Fujifilm GFX camera and want to improve your photography? In your own individual course you can ask all your questions and get them answered by the trainer (Peter R.). If you wish, we can also go on a GFX photo tour together and take care of what you would like to learn. Your previous knowledge is not important for the success of the course. I will explain the special features of landscape photography to you, Architectural photography, Product photography, portrait photography (flash with the 50SR / 100), macro photography or other photo topics that interest you.

In the GFX 100(S) / 50SR photography course, I will give you valuable tips and tricks on how to use this outstanding medium format camera. These may include camera technology, image composition, flash, handling the camera's dynamic range, black and white photography, manual focussing with focus peaking, focus stacking, photo editing, flash with the camera, hyperfocal distance, button programming, lens recommendations (including third-party lenses), tilt/shift lenses and much more. We also programme your digital camera exactly to your requirements. You will see what your camera can do!

Photographing in medium format is great fun!

Where does the GFX course take place?

The course can take place in my photo studio (Grefrath) or at a location of your choice. When booking the course, we will discuss exactly which topics are important to you and choose the right location for the optional photo excursion together.

Who is the trainer?

Photographer and personal photo trainer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and passionate photo trainer. I attach great importance to individual courses, as I know from my own experience that group courses have many disadvantages. However, as I am interested in your learning success, I have decided to offer only Valuable individual courses or courses for two participants.

When does the Fujifilm GFX 50S 50R and 100(S) course take place?

As the photo training and photography take up all my time, you can choose an appointment during the week or on a Saturday. The best way to discuss the dates is by telephone, as e-mail traffic can otherwise often be too complicated when choosing a date. Together we will find your Desired date!

What should you bring with you?

You bring your Fujifilm GFX 50S 50R 100 with lenses, full batteries and empty memory cards. You may also good pictures and problematic photos on a stick or notebook (e.g. 10 pictures each), which we will discuss constructively. We can take care of the image design as well as build on your expertise. This image discussion can be very valuable for you! If you also have questions about Adobe Lightroom or to Capture One we can go into this in detail.

GF lens hire

Before you make a purchase decision about the GF lenses If you meet the people you want to buy, you can borrow GF lenses from me and take pictures with these lenses on your memory cards. This means that after the course you can view and evaluate the images on your monitor before you make your purchase decision. Of course, I will be happy to advise you on all Fujifilm photographic equipment (GF lenses, flash units, accessories) in detail and with my expertise as a photographer and personal trainer.

Who can book the Fujifilm GFX 100(S) / 50R / 50S (II) photography course?

You can take the photo course private book, or also Business. For sole traders or companies, I give special courses for the relevant photography. Business bookings start where specialised photography assignments are involved, such as product photography, property photography or other assignments. For companies, it can be useful for me to come to your premises and teach you in the same way as other employees.

ONLINE Fuji GFX photo course

The online GFX photography course is particularly worthwhile if you want to save time and money. The personalised online GFX photography course is tailored to your questions and needs. We meet via distance learning over the Internet and you can record the course for yourself. This has the advantage that you can watch my tips and suggestions for programming your GFX camera over and over again. Advantages:

  • You may record the course and watch it again and again to review camera settings, image composition tips and constructive tips (the video may not be passed on to third parties or published).
  • You save valuable time in the car. You also protect our world from further emissions.
  • I often offer two courses of 1.5 hours each. After the first course, you will be given a voluntary photo assignment, which we will discuss constructively in the follow-up course. This increases the learning curve and is fun. Between the courses we leave enough time for relaxed photography and consolidating what you have learnt.

Enquiry photo training Fujifilm GFX 100 / GFX 100S / 50R / 50S (II)

I will be happy to answer your enquiry by telephone or using the contact form below:

Phone: +49 (0) 2158 40 40 62

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    Fujifilm photo course GFX 100 50S 50R

    Individual GFX course 100S / GFX 100 / 50S / Photo course GFX 50R - Personal photo trainer P. Roskothen

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    1. Thomas Engesser

      Very great and enjoyable course. I learnt a lot and had a great two days. Highly recommended and would love to do it again.

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