Photography course SLR camera

In the individual photo course SLR camera learn to understand, know and operate your own digital camera. The photo training for SLRs is a personalised course in which you learn the theory and practice.

SLR camera (= Single Lens Reflex Camera)

Learn how to use the SLR camera in a photography course

Photo course SLR camera: You like taking photos and own a digital SLR camera? SLR camera (= Single Lens Reflex Camera) As a beginner or advanced amateur photographer, would you finally like to familiarise yourself with all the functions of your camera and also expose beyond the automatic mode? In short, you simply want to Learn to take better digital photos?

Photography course SLR camera

Get out of the automatic mode and utilise the SLR's functions to the full.

Your SLR camera can do more

In the individual photo course SLR camera (= Single Lens Reflex Camera) I will explain your own camera in detail. The brand of camera is the same (Canon, Nikon, Pentax,...) I will help you to understand which camera settings are the right ones for which occasion. You will learn how to compose and expose images correctly. I will also give you valuable tips for your holiday photos, portraits, children's photos, nature photos, landscape photos, sports photos, animal photos and many other occasions.

1 and 1 photo course - advantage of an individual photo courseWith the Photo school and the individualised SLR photography course, you will improve your photography enormously in the future, i.e. marvellous photos expose and Enthusiastic photography.

Advantages of customised training

As the only student (exception: photography course for two people or Couple photography course) you ask all your questions and get answers. You will get to know your camera inside out and will be free to arrange a date with me as your trainer (Peter Roskothen). The course is intensive and easy to understand. I explain to you as Beginner the aperture, exposure time, ISO and focal length.

Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand wayAs advanced amateur photographer we consolidate and expand your knowledge. We address all your specialised questions. For example, these could be questions about Sports photography, panorama photography, macro photography, portrait photography, studio photography, flash, unleashed flash, HDR photography, perfect exposure, best autofocus or others.

Theory: During the course (online, but also possible on location in Grefrath and the surrounding area), you will not only receive valuable tips from professional photographers, but also plenty of tasks and solutions. You will learn about new photo motifs, perspectives and photographic vision.

There are no fixed dates for your photo course. You simply arrange the date with me.

Where does the digital SLR photography course take place?

As a rule, the online course is the easiest and saves you travelling time and costs. The online course is also much easier and possible anywhere in the world. If you would like to come to me in Grefrath or the surrounding area, a face-to-face course is also possible.

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    What else I can do for you (as part of the SLR camera photography course)

    I am also happy to provide advice as part of the photo training for SLR cameras for beginner or photographic equipment (lenses, system flashes, tripods, ...). I have a good SLR camera for beginners described here >>. If you prefer a second-hand camera, I can also tell you which used SLR camera is suitable for your purposes as part of the photography course.

    As a participant of the photo course, you are of course allowed to exhibit your pictures on * (photo blog). And I also invite you as a course participant when I organise group excursions.

    What is an SLR camera?

    What is special about the digital SLR cameras and what are the differences between an SLR camera, a digital system camera, a bridge camera or a compact camera? The Roskothen School of Photography provides insights:

    digital camera, photo course SLR camera

    What is special about the digital SLR camera

    Photography course Photo trainingThe The idea of the SLR camera is to use the viewfinder looking through the lens and the lenses depending on the occasion swap. Looking through the lens was not always a matter of course in the early days of cameras. It is therefore a great invention to be able to see exactly what ends up on the sensor (formerly analogue film) through the lens.

    Interchangeable lenses

    The interchangeability of lenses is one of the advantages of SLR cameras. Which also SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras are equipped with a folding mirror. After the shutter is released, but before the picture is taken, this mirror briefly flips upwards for the duration of the shot. The mirror lets light through the lens onto the sensor. During this brief moment, you cannot look through the viewfinder. The image is captured on the sensor. After the picture is taken, the mirror finally folds down (see sketch below).

    Apart from the movement of the folding mirror, more happens during the shutter release. For example, a shutter curtain opens behind the mirror. This is responsible for the exposure time. The aperture also closes to a set value. (Details also in the training course)

    Modern digital single-lens reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses also have built-in Light meter. The cameras also offer sophisticated Autofocus systems, automatic systems for all possible functions and high sensor quality.

    The recording

    The Difference One of the differences between SLRs and digital compact cameras or smartphones is that the SLR camera is not held away from the face with outstretched arms when taking a picture. The photographer does not look at the camera's display, but leans their head against the camera. Camera viewfinder an*. After all, taking photos with an SLR camera is completely different from the point of view of shooting technology than with compact cameras or smartphones without a viewfinder.

    *Exception Live View - here the mirror is flipped up permanently and the image is shown on the camera display.

    What is the difference between a mirrorless system camera and an SLR camera?

    Digital System cameras are characterised by a camera body and interchangeable lenses. This means that SLR cameras are also known as system cameras. System cameras without folding mirror (so-called DSLM cameras) also have a viewfinder, but it is usually electronic. In other words, the viewfinder of a mirrorless system camera is a small monitor. This means that the camera does not use mirrors to redirect the view. The viewfinder constantly receives its information from the sensor, which receives light all the time (usually no mirror in front of the sensor).

    Bridge cameras haben ein festes Zoomobjektiv, welches nicht getauscht werden kann. Die “Brücke” (daher der englische Name Bridgekamera) zwischen Kompaktkameras und Spiegelreflex hat unter dem Strich im Vergleich Vorteile und Nachteile.

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    Peter Roskothen is a professional photographer and trainer for the individual SLR photography course NRW

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