Professional photos with the iPhone

Photos with the iPhone

Professional photos with the iPhone: iPhone photography is great fun for many people. We motivate you with expertise, tips and ideas.

Is it possible to take professional photos with a smartphone (iPhone)?

The first professional photographerof which I took excellent photos with the iPhone smartphone I have seen, is Damon Winter. The Photojournalist was one of the first photographers to take an iPhone to visit American soldiers in Afghanistan and took incredibly good reportage pictures with the smartphone and Hipstamatic software (URL below). The answer:

Yes, professional photos with the iPhone are quite possible.

App Hipstamatic

I personally love this software Hipstamatic and as a photographer I live by the motto "The best camera is the one you have with you". But there are other reasons why I like the Hipstamatic app of all things, because it takes square photos and changes the photos to b/w or cross colours from past (analogue) times. Of course, you can also apply these effects afterwards with software from Adobe or Niksoftware (Colour Efex Pro) if you edit the photos further.

Professional photography with the iPhone thanks to the photo app

There is another app for the iPhone called "ShakeitPhoto". This makes Polaroid like photos and in one of the possible settings, the photo appears on the display from below like a Polaroid, accompanied by the typical sound of the cameras of yesteryear.

© Peter Roskothen Photographer Düsseldorf Lower Rhine Ruhr area professional photos with the iphone© Peter Roskothen Photographer Lower Rhine Düsseldorf Ruhr Area Aachen Cologne

The ability of this app to save the modified photo and the original photo on the iPhone at the same time makes it even more valuable and professional.

iPhone compared to other cameras

IPhone product photo, iPhone photography professionalBasically, it's nicer to hold an old Rollei in 6*6 format in your hands or a modern digital camera with all the functions. But for photographers and photo artists like me, the iPhone with its apps is an additional photographic enrichment. You usually have your smartphone with you. It's always available. And it's much lighter and easier to handle than an SLR or system camera.

What could be worse for a photographer or an ambitious photographer? Amateur photographerthan not having a camera available at the right moment? And of course professional photography (I also give iPhone photography courses for companies) is possible with the iPhone. A good photographer also takes excellent photos with a smartphone.

Professional photos with iPhone Pros and cons

Pro iPhone camera

  • You always have this camera with you.
  • Useful results up to DIN A3.
  • Great depth of field.
  • Post photos on the Internet immediately or send them by e-mail.
  • good panoramic photos.
  • great apps for changing the images.
  • Image processing in the camera.

Contra iPhone camera

  • Never use the best resolution above DIN A3.
  • Large depth of field not good for portraits (better from iPhone 7).
  • No RAW possible, only with third-party apps.
  • Battery quickly exhausted (PowerBank).
  • No zoom lens (only digital zooming, which is best switched off immediately).
  • No viewfinder - with a viewfinder, image composition is much more precise and photography is easier.
Photos by Damon Winter

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iPhone photo course

Photo trainer Peter Roskothen, Photo SchoolIn my photo course for companies and private photographers, I will show you how to take professional photos with the iPhone. With this photo course, you can utilise your smartphone camera to the full. In addition to tips and tricks, I will also show you how to compose images, Photographic art with the iPhone, low ISO photography and much more. I also provide training for companies Product photos with the iPhone:

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    IPhone product photo - Professional photos with the iPhone

    f03bca3028b845dc954db760280df518 - Professional photos with the iPhone
    Errors excepted. All brands mentioned are registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers. iPhone photography made easy with your own photo course.
    Product photos with the iPhone are possible and particularly easy. A nice environment, good light, a tripod and an app are often all you need to take better product photos with your iPhone, for example for your online shop or website.
    A window is often sufficient for iPhone product photos. But as the weather changes, a studio light is the better solution in the long run. I will be happy to show you how to do this in the photo course.
    For highly professional product photos, specialised cameras or digital cameras with shift and tilt options are often used. Ultimately, you can already work with a normal lens on a full-frame camera. An 80mm, 90mm or 100mm lens distorts less and is therefore favoured. But it all depends on the space and the size of the products. Professional photos with the iPhone are also possible in product photography.

    © Peter Roskothen Photo artist and professional photographer on the subject of professional photos with the iPhone

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