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It simply has to go urgentlyIn our photo course Digital photography for beginners, newcomers, enthusiasts and advanced amateurs, you can digital learn to take better photos. As a professional Photographer and Personal trainer for photography I give you with the photography course our Roskothen School of Photography valuable tips from daily practice:

Digital photography photography course Learning photography tips Photo training

Digital photography school

Photo school Roskothen, photo courses, photo training, learning photography, digital cameraNothing has been as popular in photography as quickly as the digital photography. That is reason enough in our Photo school Basic knowledge and intuition in comprehensive Photographic expertise and skills.

The motto of our photo school: Simply learn digital photography

Our digital photography courses with tips

Who is our digital photography course suitable for?

  • Beginners to photography learn the basics of photography, camera operation and much more
  • For advanced amateurs, we build on the current state of knowledge

Correct learn digital photography is easy. We teach the basics of exposure time, aperture, sensitivity (ISO), correct exposure, focussing and how to operate your camera (whether a digital compact camera, bridge camera or SLR). Once you have this knowledge, we build on it with further content (e.g. exposure compensation, correct flash, image editing, retouching, archiving, etc.). We provide advice on lenses, camera equipment, image processing, software and literature relating to digital photography.

Individual photo course photo workshop - Photo course digital photography Photo school Roskothen

Learn photography on the photo excursion

Individual photo course advantage!In our photography course, we go on a journey together Photo excursion and deepen your knowledge. You will photograph with many new Ideas and Perspectives that we suggest to you. As an amateur photographer, you will benefit from the professional experience of the Professional photographer Peter Roskothenwho will give you this valuable photo tips gives. At the end of the course, you will have taken wonderful photos, learnt a lot and will be able to take even better photos. You have a special preference, a special Photo themewhich one do you like? You would like the Learn portrait photography or improve your nature photography?

We train these photo courses individually:

  • Nature photography, landscape photography & macro photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Travel photography / holiday photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Product photography
  • Black and white photography
  • Image editing with Photoshop or Lightroom (or both)
  • Many photo genres in various photo courses more

Where we train digital photography

The digital photography course usually takes place at our premises (Peter Roskothen Photographic art & Design in Grefrath near Krefeld), because here you have peace and quiet to learn and are not distracted. In exceptional cases, we are happy to train at a different location (please specify).

When do we train

We train at a time of your choice, which we agree together. A customised photo course also means customised content and time.

What our customers say about the digital photography courses:

Dear Peter!

Thank you once again for the wonderful photo training at the weekend! Although I "only" came along as a listener or model, I also had a lot of fun with Michael and you. Michael also received a voucher for a training course with you this year and the subject of "portraits" was a new area for him to practise. I have to say, even though I have no idea whatsoever about photography, that an individual training course with you is worth many times more than any attempt to acquire this knowledge in courses or books. It's simply much more effective if you can focus entirely on Michael and give him the help and tips he needs. I thought it was great how you organised the course, starting with an approach to the subject outside and then getting into the "really big art" in your studio. Of course, I was sometimes a little bored when you were talking shop about settings, bouquets and other technical refinements, but the results speak for themselves. The pictures are simply beautiful and even I like myself in the photos, which is quite an achievement! It was worth the wait! Unfortunately, Michael now spends hours on his PC and reworks his work, but I had to get used to that after the first training session with you. Honestly, thank you very much, it was an all-round great and instructive afternoon with you. See you next time, best regards


Digital photography course voucher

You can also get the digital photography course as a gift voucher for a dear beginner or amateur photographer. You can choose from these motifs:

Gift voucher for digital photography Photo course Nature Nature photography
Gift voucher digital photography photo course subject technique

Would you like to know more about our digital photography course? Prices? Scope?

Professional photographer Peter Roskothen is a personal photo trainer and teaches photography for beginners and advanced amateurs

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    Portrait photography
    Family photos
    Nature photography
    Macro photography
    Street photography
    Still life
    Architectural photography
    Corporate photography
    black and white photography
    Image photography
    Holiday photos
    Image processing
    other photo themes

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