Gift voucher photo training for photographers, beginners and photo amateurs

Photo training gift voucher: Are you looking for a Special photography gift to the Birthday, to the Wedding anniversary or to Christmas? The gift voucher photo course is the right gift for everyone Photo beginners and ambitious amateur photographers with a digital camera who would like to learn digital photography.

Tip Gift for photographers

For many years we have been giving photo courses for nice people who like to work with analogue or digital camera photography. We organise photo excursions and photo meetings for our customers and thus pass on our professional knowledge from everyday photographic life. Your Photo training voucher is personalised with the name of the recipient and comes with a high-quality envelope to give as a gift.

Gift idea gift voucherOur photography course is a marvellous Christmas present, Birthday present or gift for the Wedding anniversary. Anyone who enjoys photography will be delighted with this voucher. Of course, the workshop is also suitable as a token of appreciation without a special anniversary.

Gift voucher for a nature photography course
Gift voucher photo course motif technique

Photo course free content*, nature theme
Photo course free content*, subject technique

Gift voucher photo course nature photography macro photography photo school Roskothen
Gift voucher photo course portrait

Nature photography & macro photography course*
Portrait photography course*

*Contents are agreed with the recipient. Contents can be freely chosen by the recipient at any time.

Gift voucher photo training for enthusiastic photo amateurs and photographers

Individual photo course advantage!Give the gift of three hours or six hours Photo trainingwhich we give individually. We discuss the basic knowledge with the recipient in advance and build on this. You can find out what is possible in terms of content on our photography training page. A combination of theory and lots of practice has proved very successful for the training - in other words, after the theory we go out photographing together. We analyse the photos on location and later on the computer when selecting and optimising the photos.

Our photo courses:

  • Portrait photography course (also children's photography)
  • Landscape photography course
  • Street photography course
  • Training photography still life (also Product photography)
  • Nature photography course (also macro photography)
  • photo course Architectural photography
  • Corporate photography course
  • Image photography course
  • Photo course black and white photography
  • Photo course holiday photos
  • and other great photo themes
Photo training for photographers and photo amateurs

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Professional photographer Peter RoskothenTelephone photo trainer Peter Roskothen 0 21 58 40 40 62 or:

    I am interested in a photo training course:
    Portrait photography
    Children's photos
    Nature photography
    Landscape photography
    Macro photography
    Street photography
    Photographing in the dark / at night
    Black and white photography
    Structures and colours
    Sports photography
    Animal photography
    Photography on holiday
    Still life photography / product photography
    Nude photography / Lingerie photography
    Product photography
    Architectural photography
    Corporate photography
    other photo themes

    I am beginner photographers
    I am a photo amateur

    The recipient is a photo novice
    The recipient is an amateur photographer

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    I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and photography trainer. I have been training analogue and digital photography for private photo enthusiasts and companies for many years. My daily professional practice in photography and image processing guarantees the great advantage of the training. Please also read the numerous comments in the section Photo training. Many of the participants describe their experience of the digital Learn photography in our Photo school very positively and have since found photography even more fun. The course promotes photographic knowledge, creativity and the desire to take digital photographs. The recipient takes better photos, learns many new topics related to their photographic interests and gains more photographic opportunities.

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