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Glamour photos or Beauty photos are special photos in special clothing and with a special styling. What makes these photos special?

Exclusive portrait - Sensual nude photos Glamour photos Beauty photos

Advantage: Exclusive photos from a professionalA Glamour shoot is a lot of fun and we will always put you in a new light in front of the camera. This creates special Portraits, Beauty photos, Fashion photos and also on request sensual nudes from the area Nude photography or Lingerie photography. As a professional photographer, we discuss your ideas and wishes in detail beforehand:

Clothing Glamour photos

Before the photo session, we will collect ideas together based on the clothes you bring with you. Of course, a large shirt or jeans can also look fantastic for nude photography. Or a beautiful large hat. On your photo day, you will be made up and styled before we start in the Photo studio photograph.

Tip glamour photos nude photos

Shooting with us as professional photographers is something special. If you don't feel confident at first (completely normal), we will help you with ideas, poses and styling suggestions for your photo shoot as a "model". We always take individual photographs and take exclusive, valuable photos for you, which you can also give as a gift (gift tip!). You will receive the photos on data carriers so that you can easily make your own large stretcher frames, prints, posters, pictures and a digital album or a nude photo calendar for your loved one. The portraits and glamour photos are so chic that your friends, parents and other recipients will also be delighted.

Styling and make-up are important. Before and after photo Peter Roskothen PhotographerHere is a photograph before and after make-up and styling as an example: The photo session can take half a day or a whole day, depending on your wishes. The prerequisite is a lively appearance, a very good Make-up artist and Stylist (we have them for you), who will make you up and style you, sometimes wickedly, sometimes glamorously.

So for one day you can Model and the photos are something to be proud of. Either as a print or as a poster or on a stretcher frame or as a Gift...

Beautiful portraits and glamour photos

This young lady has also Portraits and Glamour photos have it done. We styled and photographed in 60s style. The result was a combination of portrait photos, nude photos and beauty photos (thanks to the lady and the make-up artist for the great work!):

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    1. Magdalena B.

      The photos turned out great :). I'm really really pleased, I didn't think they would turn out so great.
      I really have to say that I felt really comfortable and am glad that the photos turned out so great.
      I also have to praise you as a photographer! You give people a really positive feeling when you take photos.
      And that's why the whole thing was fun. Even if you know you have a few problem areas and don't look perfect, you can forget the whole thing and feel good and beautiful for a moment.
      Thank you :). That's exactly how I imagined it. You can tell that you love your job.
      And not everyone can claim that ;).
      Best wishes and happy holidays to you and your wife.

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