A beautiful Portrait is at the same time permanent Reminder and marvellous Gift for your loved ones. If you would like a beautiful portrait, we will show you the photographs of a beautiful woman as an example of our work.

Portrait Photographer Photo Studio Peter Roskothen Portrait

The best gift is beautiful photos

As Portrait photographer I (Peter Roskothen) am a little proud of these photos. Above all, I would like to compliment the lady who stood in front of the camera and the excellent make-up artist.

A beautiful Portrait is more than just a photo of a face. When an experienced photographer photographs you, it is a glimpse into the beautiful side of the person who has had their portrait taken.

Personally, I see a portrait as a reflection of character and appearance at the same time. Or as a look through the eyes into the person's soul. In any case, a beautiful portrait is a valuable gift.

Portrait photo of private people

As a photographer, I love taking portraits of natural people. Photographing models is really child's play, because they take every mood and pose in front of the camera on demand. It's quite different with people like you and me, a bit more complex. Some people think

I'm completely unphotogenic!

Advantage: Professional photographer with photo studioIn my long photographic career, I have proven to people time and again that this is a misconception, because anyone can look really good in front of my camera. At the same time, this is the real The art of portrait photographywhich I see and love as a challenge every time.

Unphotogenic? No, that's not true, says photographer Peter Roskothen and proves you wrong.

Portrait photographer Peter Roskothen photo studio

The portrait in the photo studio

Portraits in the Photo studio have the advantage of fantastic light, which we can use to illuminate you perfectly and support the pose. Bright and soft light also conceals small wrinkles and gives an excellent look in the portrait.

Photos outside have the advantage of different light, but are dependent on the weather. Nevertheless, portrait photos outside are also great fun and anyone who wants such photos can Special portraits and exclusive portrait photos get.

Photo studio Peter Roskothen Düsseldorf Lower Rhine Ruhr area

Portrait as a gift

Gift idea gift voucherA wonderful idea is the Portrait as a gift for a birthday, as a Christmas present or as a gift for couples (couple photos / couple portrait). On request, we will send you a gift voucher with the name of the recipient. You can write your personal wishes on the card of the gift voucher.

Gift voucher portrait portrait photos portrait photos photographer photo studio

Here you can get the portrait gift voucher:

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    In truth, all photographs are a self-portrait - photographer Elizabeth Opalenik

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