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The right wedding photographer will take beautiful wedding photos of the bride and groom that are completely naturally and alive that are valuable art. Wedding pictures should be individual and great, convey the mood and capture the Love, Lust for life and the Fun for two mirror.

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Wedding photos always reinvented

I always have fun reinventing wedding photos and creating special Perspectivescrazy Ideas and Lighting situations to realise. Sometimes my photos are completely reduced to black and white, sometimes completely different.

Wedding photographer with ideas

In my long career as a wedding photographer, I've seen a lot of things I didn't like. The photos on the tree are dreadful, uninspired and totally outdated. But wedding photos are also a reflection of the times and can sometimes be colourful.

Wedding photographer exclusive, lively and natural wedding photos and reportages Peter Roskothen

Wedding photos at the funfair

In this particular case, the wedding couple, who are now friends, went to the funfair with me and we took lots of photos there in a particularly colourful setting. We had all the time in the world because we went there to take photos after the wedding. Why not get back into your wedding clothes?

Exclusive wedding photos

These wedding photos have become exclusive and, above all, completely natural. They were so popular that they were printed in many wedding magazines. So if you dare to have other wedding photos, maybe even trash-your-dress photos, but in any case beautiful wedding pictures taken by me, just get in touch:

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Peter Roskothen wedding photographer for special wedding photos and wedding reportages

About the wedding photographer

I, Peter Roskothen, have been photographing weddings for many years in the form of reportages and also retrospective photos like the one above with a lot of enthusiasm, but never cheaply. My photos cost money because they are special. Or have you ever seen a wedding photo where the couple looked so much in love?


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