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The new website for the company "Heiss Catering" was realised by us in the Responsive web design implemented. With responsive web design, the website is adaptable for different monitors on PC / Mac, Tablet Computers like iPad and Smartphones like Android or iPhone:

New website responsive design

Responsive web design

The website is "responisve", i.e. Adaptable to displays of different sizes. In very short words: Modern websites must today also on a mobile phone Easy to read and be navigable. The reason is the approximately 30 per cent of all accesses in Germany via mobile devices. The trend is rising sharply.

For responsive web design, the logo adapts to the size, wider texts are slimmed down. Larger photos load for faster loading time in smaller resolution. Web pages with columns or sidebars display them one below the other in order to be displayed on small monitors. more legible to be. It is also advisable to offer a simpler menu navigation.

Responsive web design Peter Roskothen

In short: if you want to turn all website visitors into customers, then you are well advised to use exclusive responsive web design. The website is displayed adapted for different monitors. This means that your new website can be viewed just as well on a large monitor as on an iPad or iPhone and other devices.

The new website for companies - example Catering Heiss

New website for company Catering Heiss Webdesign Peter RoskothenIn the run-up to the web design, we Logowhich Business cards and Letterhead designed for the company, because a good logo is a perfect prerequisite for a modern, contemporary and appealing homepage.

Even the start page is designed to attract website visitors with exciting Information on and Moods / Photos spoil you with food. The background image of the plate fits perfectly with the logo and associates the theme of food and catering. An automatically changing area in the centre of the first page shows various contents of the website in short words.

The content of the website is adapted seasonally and can be changed by the Heiss company itself, as the website is based on WordPress (a CMS system = Content Management System. The CMS allows companies to change or add content very quickly.

Content page Catering Heiss New website for companies in responsive designIn terms of content, the following pages are then garnished with examples of catering. Refreshingly tidy, all the pages enjoy an outstanding Readability and plenty of open space that looks spacious. The portrait shows Simon Heiss, who takes care of the service for the customer (photo taken in our professional photo studio). Portraits on websites invite you to a personal dialogue. A portrait allows website visitors a more personal and easier contact.

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