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Beautiful portrait photos are valuable. Portraits are a great gift for special people.
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When was the last time you had really good portrait photos taken of yourself or your partner by a professional photographer? Isn't it a special idea to give portraits of yourself as a gift to your parents, your partner and yourself?

Tip: Are you looking for business portraits for your company?

Portraits can funny, romantisch, sinnlich, playful, interesting, mysterious or right cool and give so much pleasure. We love to photograph just such vivid portrait photos in different poses, with different expressions, in different environments and give you the photos after development / processing on a data carrier (CD-ROM or DVD) so that you can make prints, stretcher frames, albums or posters from them.

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Lively portrait photos

Lively portrait photos are more than just photographing the head. We like to photograph portraits naturally or with a Motto. Motto means you get your make-up done and we do a hat series, a photo series with different facial expressions, a portrait series in different outfits or at a location outside our photo studio. Perhaps you have a hobby such as horse riding, reading, making music, cooking or painting? Why don't we photograph you according to your hobby and do a series with your favourite horse, in a bookshop or in the middle of a field with your Chello? We could also take autumn photos in the forest, with beautiful leaves falling down on you. Or a series of portraits of you cooking with a blob of flour on your nose. Or half a day shopping in your favourite city. And then it becomes a big collage...

We have the most beautiful ideas for your own special portrait photos that will be of great value to you and your loved ones.

Portrait in the field Portrait photos Photographer Peter Roskothen

Gift voucher portrait photos

Gift voucher portrait photos photographer photo studioAlternatively, why not give your girlfriend, partner, children or parents a gift voucher from Roskothen for portrait photos? We will personalise the gift voucher with the name of the recipient and you can also add a detailed text on the card about the recipient. Birthday, Wedding anniversaryname day or just for the love of it.

Prices portrait photos

Our prices for portrait photos are affordable because you receive your photos on a data carrier in the very best quality. The photos are colour-calibrated on excellent monitors and professional-grade cameras, individually edited with love. You can order as many prints, stretcher frames, posters and albums as you like. The very fairest kind of photography from us to you!

Special portraits, Exclusive portrait photos

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    Special portraits, Exclusive portrait photos

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