Autumn photos Grefrath Nettetal

These Autumn photos I photographed in Grefrath and Nettetal-Hinsbeck at the beginning of November 2012. Beautiful colours and lots of leaves on the ground made me nervous for days; I simply didn't have time and couldn't find any nice weather to take these free nature photos. I love autumn and the strong colours of transience. Every autumn I want to take photos and capture the natural beauty of nature. And again and again I realise that autumn is over so quickly, the leaves fall down in what feels like a night.

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Autumn photos Grefrath photographer Peter Roskothen nature photos photo course

Autumn photos have power

Again and again you can feel the power of winter in the seas of colourful leaves and the half-naked trees. These beautiful views can be found everywhere. I started taking photos in Grefrath and found trees in a beautiful corner, stretching towards the sky and seemingly defying the autumn.

Autumn photos photographer Peter Roskothen

Autumn photos are fun

I also found beautiful corners in Hinsbeck (Nettetal), which are in no way inferior to nature in the Eifel, for example. Pollarded willows in front of a dense wall of colourful autumn trees, surrounded by lots of mushrooms, which are growing particularly wild this year.

Autumn photo Nettetal Hinsbeck pollarded willows in front of autumn leaves Photographer Peter Roskothen

Nature photography course

Nature photography has many attractions and every Season has some particularly beautiful photographic moments. If you search a little, you can discover beautiful corners of nature everywhere that are perfect for Macro photography, Landscape photography and Animal photography suitable. I would be happy to give you a photo course explain the technique, sharpen your perspective and explain how to edit your photos. I can give you tips, develop ideas for special focal points and simply help you to take beautiful autumn photos of your own, which you can hang large on the wall and enjoy the crisp colours afterwards. All you need for this photo course is a camera of your choice and the unbridled joy of photography (enquiry form below).

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